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My approach is primarily person-centred. However, I have trained as an Integrative therapist, meaning I often combine several therapeutic approaches such as Systemic, Solution Focused and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

My aim in our sessions is to create a trusting and non-judgemental space in which you can feel safe to bring in all aspects of yourself and work towards a fuller experience of living.

I'm here to be your support, creating a cosy space for open dialogue. Together, we'll explore all facets of life from a fresh perspective, reflecting not just on the present but also delving into the past. Your journey of self-discovery is in safe hands.

I value our connection in this counselling journey. My goal is to develop a bond of trust with you, fostering an awareness of how your surroundings and relationships may be affecting your ability to express feelings, whether it's pain, sadness, or anger. Through my training and experiences, I've witnessed the transformative power of therapy—empowering decision-making, honesty in personal relationships, and, for many, enhancing both physical and emotional well-being. Starting counselling might seem a bit overwhelming initially, but it's also a special time dedicated to yourself. Together, we'll navigate this journey with warmth and understanding.

Couples Therapy



I'm a counsellor that helps anxious people understand and work with themselves.

Maybe it feels like:

  • You convince yourself of things that you know aren't true, but you can't help feeling them.

  • You read into your interactions with people.

  • You're constantly wound up and unmotivated.


Perhaps it's time to:

  • Drop the mask and open up to people.

  • Feel confident that you can cope with whatever life throws at you.

  • Understand how you operate and know how to work with it.

It can be tempting to try to cope on your own or reassure yourself that it will pass.

Maybe it's eased in the past but then got worse again. There are reasons for that.

The answers are in you and I can help you find them.

Intercultural Therapy

Intercultural Therapy feels like talking therapy with a twist—it's all about appreciating the unique aspects and shared experiences in our lives, such as race, culture, language, and all the interesting stuff. I make sure to carry an adult's cultural essence throughout our entire therapy journey. Read more

Couples Therapy

Lots of people decide to give couples counselling or relationship therapy a go because they're yearning to be truly heard, eager to share their worries and fears without stumbling over words, or just find themselves stuck in the same old arguments with their partner.

Perhaps you're feeling a bit of a hiccup in communication and hoping to figure out how to bring back the good stuff—joy, intimacy, and empathy. And if the pandemic has thrown some challenges your way, rest assured, you're not navigating it alone.


Even in the best of times, lots of couples grapple with expressing their needs clearly. What used to be an effortless exchange of lovey-dovey gestures can sometimes turn into hurt feelings, a sense of isolation, and no clear path to resolution. When conflicts run high, it can put a damper on the whole scene of intimacy, leaving you with a touch of hopelessness or questioning if you picked the 'wrong partner.'

While sharing with friends and family is always comforting, sometimes you need a more impartial ear. That's where relationship and couple therapy come in, providing a safe space for both of you to reflect on your relationship, share openly and sensitively, and hopefully, cultivate a deeper understanding of each other.

I'm here for all kinds of relationships, and can support whatever gender, sexual, or relationship diversity you bring to the table. Plus, if you need therapy for siblings, parents, grown-up kiddos, business partners, or any group trying to sort things out, I'm here to offer support in a warm and welcoming way.


January 2024

The AntiDiscrimination Focus

Diploma in Diversity, Cultural Competence, Race & Anti-Discrimination Practice


Mabadiliko Intercultural Therapy

Certificate in African Centred Therapy


The Grove Practice, London

Certificate in Working with couples and other relationships


Ty Elis Counselling, Porthcawl

Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling (Level 5)

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